Safe Havens is an East Asian AU GPSL. Based in Seoul, South Korea with a focus on empowered beings whose abilities develop after life-altering trauma it is free-reign with loose rules. The main focus is to have fun together and relax so feel free to come on through and enjoy your stay.
House rules are lenient but all must be home before midnight. Three meals a day provided in buffet style but the kitchen stays stocked through the rest of the day. Cooks are only active in food hours; otherwise, provide for yourself. Washing machines, dryers, parking spots all available readily. Recreational activities all encouraged to be brought to the faculty as possibilities and requests.
Outdoor activities are seasonal; swimming and aquatic sports in the spring and summer, skiing, ice skating and other ice conditional recreations in the fall and winter. Hiking trails and walk paths are year round. Rental sporting boats, jet skiis, various watercrafts are available through the Haven. Underground training facility is known about only by members of the Haven and is ready to access any needs for its Requited.
At the end of each season there is a cookout and party for the guests and any Requited who wish to participate. Seasonal holidays such as New Years and Christmas are celebrated in the home for children as well as all welcome adults associated with the home or facility.