Magic has always been real. The myths of the world were stories passed on of people who could do more than they should have been capable of; fables, woven together by passerby who had no understanding of the truth. For millennia they lived in sparse populations. But as the world grew, so did numbers in population of those who could do more. Requited became their moniker, those who were brought through trauma and came out of it with gifts to bend the nature of the world in a way that suited them. The Safe Havens is an international organization founded by one Doctor Manfred Gelens who provides training, shelter and guidance through the world to those whose requites manifest. The Requited are part of every day society, no matter who or what tries to make true otherwise.


March 17th, 2018. The first battle breaks out in what would later be known as The Last War. It is a stasis, one that proves true time and time again over the next six months. Russia strikes out in Syria; Israel and Palestine find themselves in stand stills; China's bombs never land in America. The Requited step in where they never had before. Hired by heads of government, or simply working for T.E.A.R.S. they keep casualties light across the globe in a battle of words and threats that gets almost nowhere. Almost. After the chaos, after a few deaths of figures that shatter the status quo, the world begins to do what it always has: rebuild. A new government structure is formed on November 23rd, 2018: the World Council, where elected figures no longer become presidents or prime ministers or leaders, they become representatives in an order that aims to keep laws universal and just, to keep peace where there was none. Local government still thrives, commonwealths, states, cities all run by elected officials, ministers, senators, mayors. Federal law becomes international. And by the year 2021, all things have begun to find their way.


A world where superpowered beings lived in almost harmony with normal beings, welcoming faces of all countries, origins and creation. Idols with superpowers, model PBs using the careers of singers and-or actors? Go wild. All media releases from 2018 onward are played as if they are current, in game, which means references are made in 2021 rather than 2018; the time difference is minimal but should you need help adjusting always feel free to ask for help!

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